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The internet isn’t actually new, its initial invention happening in the 60s, and its vetting in the 70s. The public has had access to the internet since the 80s, when PCs saw their first wave of popularity Granted, it was primitive at the time, and didn’t do much to shake things up.

However, the internet became what it is now, and took on the place and importance it now enjoys, in almost no time at all. It was only 25 years ago that the “world wide web” entered the social consciousness, and now it dominates our lives more every day.
The internet of today exposes us to other cultures and other ideals. Positive ideals in one culture will almost always negate a taboo in another. The effect of this is like two opposite waves cancelling each other out. We now no longer have to be outsiders to see a taboo as absurd.

Furthermore, on the internet, everyone can find someone who has the same so-called “strange ideas”, which causes entire new subcultures based around exotic concepts to come into existence. The rest of the world is in turn exposed to these unusual new ideas and interests, which acts as a bit of an immunity booster against the forming or perpetuation of taboos. Before the internet, these new ideas would have been assumed by their owners as “weird” traits of their own minds and would be taken to their graves.
The erosion of adherence to “old fashioned” ideas is not the only side effect of an increasingly internet-centric world, though. As the taboo around escorts fades, the need for them is also going to increase.

Every day, we become more insular in how we work, shop, communicate and entertain ourselves. We order products online, to be delivered to us with no social interaction. We communicate with family and friends over texts, social network posts and email. We play games not with a friend or significant other on the couch, but anonymously over the internet. Soon, drones will deliver our groceries, our pizzas and our mail. In a few decades, communal office workspaces will vanish as the taboo around working from home disappears, likely rather unceremoniously.

The result is that while we become able to communicate with more and more people, even traversing language barriers, we also become more and more physically alone. The sense of community and closeness among people is fading, and it will inevitably disappear to an extent. Many in the younger generations don’t bother to really form in-person close friendships with people, nor do they bother much with pursuing the favor of the opposite sexy like they once did. No, they bury themselves in their smart phones and tablets, communicating with the entire world in an intangible and somewhat clinical way.

Society may be permanently changed by the internet, but the basest human nature cannot be so easily persuaded. Even the most misanthropic and antisocial person still occasionally has an irresistible need for the company of another. As we become more physically isolated, that need is not going to leave us either.

The erosion of socialization as we know it means it will become harder to just go seek the company of another. Escort services will be invaluable to satisfy this deeply-engrained human need for such encounters. The lack of strings attached and absence of a “meaning” attached to time spent with an escort makes this service primed for this brave new world. People won’t have time for such things to mean anything after their time together ends and they retreat to their wifi-enabled bubbles and resume their isolated lives.
It’s already beginning as apps to meet people become more and more widely-accepted, and their use for one-off encounters permitted.
This strange society with minimal casual social interaction isn’t going to happen tomorrow, but when was the last time you just went to a bar to meet people or hang out with your friends? What was once an every-weekend thing, is probably monthly at best now, isn’t it?
Escorts provide an invaluable service that will only increase in value as this society continues to take shape. The company of someon
e else simply for the sake of their company and time, is just another necessary industry we’re at last beginning to accept for what it really is.
The next time you think about hiring an escort, and old moralities and misplaced stigma start to convince you otherwise, do yourself a favor and ignore such negativity.